Friday, August 31, 2007



Nothing is in my hand.

Nobody is in my band.

That was deception,

what they have shown.

I was alone, I am alone.

Eyes are crying, sparkling pain.

As I examine, what I have gain.

Some people came,

but now everybody is gone.

I was alone, I am alone.

I am running behind the shadow,

being astray in the meadow.

In this danger zone,

Am I alone?

I was alone, I am alone


You are the sun that brightens my whole life. You are the stars that comfort me through troublesome nights. You are the soft breeze that makes me laugh. Youre the time spent which makes sadness pass. Youre the earth below and the sky above which fills my world with so much love. You are my heart, my essence and breath. You are my beginning; you are my death. Youre in my dreams and run through my mind. Youre that angel whos one of a kind. From the words Ive written I hope you see, You make up everything thats a part of me I love you more than these words can say. I love you more with each forthcoming day. I love whether far or near


What if we have snow in June?

Enjoy the moon in the noon.

What if we have ocean of beer?

and feel dizzy, when having tear.

What if sunlight make us wet?

In winter, wearing cloths of net.

What if water give us strength of milk?

Canvas give us comfort of silk.

What if we get pleasure from pain?

Just give others, without any gain.

I guess, life would b intresting for a day

But nature has bless us with the best of they.


Kabi to ki ho gi chand ne sooraj se mohabbat

Tabi to chand mein daag hai

Mumkin hai kuch chand ne ki hogi be fafai



Speak gently

Speak gently when you need to talk

It’s too better to cry and bark

Speak gently it’s a great gesture

Spread all over it’s lovely culture

Speak gently when Gump a guy

It’s too good quarrels and cry

Speak gently when harsh word hear

It should for ever not rare

Speak gently though friend and foe

Your words is tulip which need to grow

Speak gently from kids to old

If can not then tongue must be hold

Speak gently always my dear

You will see every one near


us k nazdeek gam.a.tark.a.wafa kuch b nahi

mutma-in ase ha jaise k howa kuch b nahi

ab to hathoon ki lakeerain b met-ti jaten han

us ko khoo k tu mery pass raha kuch b nahi

kal bicherna ha tu pir ahed.a.wafa soch ka bandh

abi agaz.a.muhabbat ha geya kuch b nahi

main to is wasty chup hon k tamasha na banny

tu samjta ha mje tuj se gila kuch b nahi!!!


*Har khushi mein koee kamee see hai

"Hansatee aankhon mein bhee namiee see hai


"Din bhee chup chaap sar jhukaaye thaa

"Raat kee nafz bhee thamee see hai


"Kisako samajhaayhein kisakee baat nahin

"Zahan aur dil mein phir thanee see hain


"Khuwab thaa yaa gubaar thaa koee

"Gard in palakon pe jamee see hai


"Kah gaee ham kisase dil kee baat

"Shahar mein ek sanasanee see hai


"Hasaratein raakh ho gaeein lekin

"Aaj ab bhee kaheen dabee see hai